Professional Career

My professional journey commenced at Saarland University, where I started as a web developer for an e-learning project. This role not only provided me with hands-on experience in web development but also sparked my interest in education and teaching methodologies.

Professional Career Sima Darabi

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Founder of Java Programming Education, Since 2024
Lecturer at Freiburg University: Lecture: Dynamic Website with WordPress, Since 2022
Lecturer at SRH Vocational Training Center in Neckargemünd: Lecture: E-Commerce, Java Programming, Since 2014
Lecturer at International Study College in Kaiserslautern: Lecture: Java Programming, 2012-14
Scientific staff at Mannheim University: Computer center, 2008-12
Lecturer at International University in Bruchsal: Lecture: Information Technology, 2006-09
Software developer at Saarland University: E-Learning project, 2001-06
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